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Paddling in April

April 21-23, 2007 – Location TBD

There’s usually always a kayaking trip in April. If it turns out to be a coastal location, this time of year is perfect – it’s warm enough to be pleasant and cool enough not to be steamy, and the bugs aren’t out in force yet. So far, the exact  location of this year’s trip has yet to be determined. Anyone got any ideas to share?


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March 18, 2007 Umstead State Park

I was hoping to get out for a ride, but thought I’d probably be limited to Umstead due to Friday’s rains. I posted the outing on the TBARC-RDU Meetup site but hadn’t seen any RSVP’s before I left. As I rolled into the Winstead parking lot, I was pleasantly surprised to see four others waiting for me there.

We decided to ride from there to Mo-ville and ride those trails. Greg had seen earlier in the week that the bulldozers had moved in and some of the trails were obliterated. When we got there, it was true. We debated about whether the dozers had been intentionally wiping out the trails or not. No conclusion was reached. We did discover that most of the western half of the trail system remained intact, so we rode it twice.

On the way back we took a different route and hit the Norwell Ct trail and some of the Black Creek Greenway.

Had a great ride!

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