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Oct 23-25, 2009 – Harker’s Island, NC:

camping at the lighthouse

Five of us headed off to Harker’s Island for a couple of days of paddling, despite the weather forecast of rain and wind.

Michele summed the trip up pretty well:

“This weekend was an adventure – a pleasant paddle over to the lighthouse, swimming in the cool water under a warm sun, huddling with (not under) the bug tent to protect us from a mini-monsoon, two great dinners and the grand finale –paddling against a gale force headwind back to the cars.”


mini-monsoon my @#$


I threw in the food report:

“We’re sorry you missed the 8 grains + 3 more meal that the Asheville ladies fixed. The sharp cheddar on top made it even better for me! Then you missed bacon and eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast. And the black beans and rice with guacamole and salsa and Ranch and cheddar on Mexican tortillas. With chocolate chunk cookies for dessert. And cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Somewhere in there a bottle of rum, three bottles of wine, and a box of wine disappeared. As well as a can of Pringles and various other snacks. We almost starved to death out there on the island. 🙂 ”

Don’s pix

Michele and Beau’s pix

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